ALL STAR offers a huge range of classes for all ages and abilities. Be it classes for fun or the more serious student looking to take dance exams and follow the CSTD curriculum. With everything from hip hop to classical ballet, we have your dance dreams covered. Best part? All classes are professional, fun and welcoming. ALL STAR prides itself on a fantastic atmosphere and has worked hard to create a home away from home for all their students.



At All Star we take great pride and care with our Tinies to ensure they have a safe, fun, and enjoyable experience in their early dance years. We are consistently revising and updating our Tinies classes to keep with their needs and support the children as they settle into their classes without the comfort of mum or dad.

NOTE - All of our classes are designed for not just the girls but boys as well.

Twinkle Star Combo 

This is a fun class to introduce your toddler to the world of dance.  Twinkle Tots class covers simple dance exercises as well as discovering musicality, rhythm and co-ordination not only through Dance but Song as well. We explore skipping, pointing, gallops and more all to a selection of music known and loved by this age.   


Twinkle Star Ballet

This class is designed for the Little Princess who just wants to swirl and whirl everywhere they go. As Ballet is a subject that requires great discipline, strength and grace, we have designed this class to encourage young ballerinas by combining basic classical techniques with the use of fun props (wands, scarfs, ribbons) and music they can relate to. We incorporate story time into this class encouraging students to refocus and learn from their favorites such as Angelina Ballerina and Barbie



Jazz is the most diverse of dance, ranging from the old musical styles to the latest styles as seen on Video clips.  Jazz classes can benefit flexibility, strength and coordination, not to mention the excitement of dancing around to your favorite tunes.



The American style of rhythmic foot stomping known as tap dance was born in the United States and today is popular all around the world.  This lively, rhythmic tapping makes the performer not just a dancer, but also a percussive musician.

Tapping is an excellent way to increase coordination of the mind and body and develop a sense of rhythm, timing and expression.


Classical Ballet

Ballet is specific academic dance form and technique.  Ballet is best known for its unique features such as pointe work and high extensions, as well as its graceful, precise movement and ethereal qualities. Ballet includes traditional barre and centre work designed to build a beautiful, graceful and healthy body with fine posture and poise.

Ballet is essential for any serious dancer as it compliments all other forms of dance.


Contemporary / Lyrical

At All Star we have taken on board the CSTD Jason Winter’s Contemporary syllabus – This a world-class and comprehensive Contemporary Dance syllabus.  Its technique and structure is designed in the most classical and academic way and infused with choreographic electricity used in today's most commercial settings. This syllabus consists of seven levels providing a comprehensive collection of training philosophy’s and exercises for contemporary movements. Throughout the levels the foundation is laid for a strong, focused and fluid contemporary dancer with building blocks in Graham, Cunningham, Jazz, Classical, Yoga and Pilates, and Jason Winters own circular sense of movement.


Song and Dance

This develops musicality and singing ability for the young performer destined to be the next pop star.  Class will consist of simple vocal training and musical performance skills, which nurture stage presence and self-confidence.  Students will learn songs appropriate for their age from Disney and popular children’s television shows.


Musical Theatre

Musical Theatre class is a combination of singing, dance and drama. An ideal class for those who would like enrichment beyond dance and are keen to develop their talents more fully as an all round performer.

This class can be taken on its own or to compliment any other subjects offered.


Drama Program

We offer two drama programs. One has a focus on stage / musical theatre where students will work on more traditional scripts such as Mary Poppins, Wizard of Oz etc. The other is a TV / drama focus where students will look at concepts in front of the camera. This will include editing and production, as well as content production too. There are no age restrictions on classes. However. all drama students need to be competent readers to follow along with scripts and class content.


Hip Hop

Hip Hop is similar to the dancing on the latest music videos; the classes are fun and set to the latest music trends.  Hip Hop is great workout without realizing you are exercising and is a perfect place to start if you have never danced before.  A usual class begins with a funky warm up, light stretching, finishing with a routine.



Acro is a demanding art form that expands one’s range of physical movement and control while learning new skills such as flips, balancing and tumbling sequences. Acro class usually starts with a full warm up followed by balancing skills and tumbling rows in a series of progressive levels.

Intermediate and Advanced acro class require a minimum skill level that is assessed by the teachers.


Boys Only Classes

The boy’s classes are aimed at fitness, co-ordination and rhythm. The friendships made and group bonding in these classes are priceless! All boys’ only classes are styled just for the boys and their energy!!

Our increasingly popular Boys Breaking class has been combined in 2018 with Hip Hop. 


Exam, Troupe and Private Lessons

Exam Classes

C.S.T.D Jazz, Tap, Classical, Contemporary Exams 

•    Classes marked with E on the timetables

Exams are a great avenue for those students who aim towards a career in the world of dance.

Exams are not compulsory but encouraged as it gives students something to strive towards and benefit from the reward of achieving a high level of dance.  Whilst students can benefit from participating in the exam preparation, only those students considered ready by their teachers will be entered to avoid disappointment if unsuccessful.

The C.S.T.D offers the Jazz, Tap, Classical and Contemporary Syllabi, which guide students from basic exercises, and routines to advanced performance and teaching skills.


Troupe Classes

Troupe classes are designed for competition purposes. They are not classes to teach technical steps of dance, but to put together routines using steps already known.  All troupe participants must be taking a class in the corresponding subject to be considered for troupes. We encourage all students to participate in a troupe, to gain stage experience, work in a team sport situation and most of all gain the confidence that comes from all this.

Troupe classes are divided into age groups from 6yrs onwards.

Students can participate in the age group above as well as their own age group (to be approved by Michelle) but they MUST participate in their own age group before they can dance up an age group.

All Star does not audition or invite students for Troupes, we would love all the students to be involved.


Private Lessons

All Star offers private lesson classes for students wishing to participate in Solos/duos and trios in competitions. Further information available from the Competitions page. Solo students 6yrs & above must participate in troupes before they can participate in solo’s.


Timetable Class Key Guide

All Star Acrobatics – 

Level 3 & 4 require the students to have the following tricks to be enrolled in these classes

Level 3 - Bend Back & Stand unassisted, One handed Cartwheels, Straight over or Tinski.

Level 4 - Tricks from level 3 plus Bendback feedover, Hand Spring, Backflip or Branee (no handed cartwheel) plus minimum one balance trick.


E = Exam Based Classes - This gives the students an option to participate in exams in Term 3. Participation in examination classes does not guarantee an exam every year, this is at the discretion of Teaching staff.


G = General Classes are classes that do not offer exams or competitions and include all our Recreational/Fun classes.


Troupe - Troupe classes are for Competition purposes, competitions dates will be finalised at the beginning at January and all members are required for All Competitions. To participate in a troupe,  students Must be taking the General equivalent class eg. Lyrical Troupe - You must be taking a weekly Ballet Class, Jazz Troupe - Jazz Class etc...


C- These classes are based on a 9 week course and starting the second week of each Term. Class Capping or other discounts do NOT apply to these courses until enrolled in 2 or more classes per Term within All Star Classes then a 25% discount will apply to the Course price ONLY.

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